Remote Hi Hat Cymbal Stand - GRIFFIN Auxiliary Cable Foot Pedal Drum High HiHat 609132685200 in Tyler, Texas

Selling on eBay since 1999eBay ShopAbout UsView FeedbackSave UsContact UsStore CategoriesGeek Stands ShopMicrophone Stands & MicrophoneTruss Stage & Speaker StandsSnare DrumsInstrument, Microphone CablesGuitar Stands & RacksRackmount Stands & Road CasesKeyboard StandsDrum Hardware & StandsPiano Benches & SeatsMusic StandsWhy Shop With Us?We are the Authorized Brand Dealer - 1 Year Warranty Included!Item DescriptionRemote Hi-Hat Stand by GriffinDo you love your hi-hat stand but need more space on the left side of your drum kit? Then you need to take a look at this remote hi-hat pedal! With its sturdy, all-metal construction, the hi-hat remote stand includes a drum key and lockable hi-hat clutch with cymbal felts and also features a stable double spine weighted pedal plates for a sturdy, flat-footed kick, and a fully adjustable power cam system to accelerate the tension of the pedal. The double locking spring tension rod knob on this hi-hat remote pedal includes five different settings (numbered 0 to 4) and assures your personal tension settings never change while playing. Additionally, the foot stop prevents your foot from slipping forward while the adjustable floor spikes prevent slipping during your sets. The hi hat cymbal remote stand’s friction-less bearing hinge enhances the smooth drum pedal action. VARIATE YOUR HI HAT CYMBALS PLAYING STYLEAllowing you to position your cymbals according to your utmost convenience and comfort, this remote high-hat cymbal stand foot pedal will expand your kits playability and save space on the left side of your drum kit. (It can be used on either side.) The sturdy, all-metal construction and sleek chrome finish make this drum hardware a must-have for any drummer.ADJUST THE TENSION ON THE FLYFeaturing a double locking spring tension rod knob that allows you to easily adjust the tension settings from 0 to 4 (5 settings), this remote high-hat pedal stand is an excellent choice for any drummer with a hat intensive style. With a perfectly smooth feel that sounds and feels just like your regular hi-hat pedal, this is an excellent model that wont let you down.LIGHTNING FAST RESPONSEForget about your old remote hi-hat pedals that were sluggish and unresponsive! This premium, chain-driven high-hat pedal stand comes with a 4.5 foot long, flexible cable that ensures a lightning-fast response, ideal for performing detailed fast work on the hi-hat. Long enough to fit around most drum kits and very easy to attach, the cable allows you to set up the stand anywhere in your drum kit. Specifications: Gross weight: 10 pounds. Hi-hat pipe diameter: 28 mm.CYMBAL MOUNT SUITED FOR PROFESSIONALSBoasting a fully adjustable power cam system to accelerate the tension of the pedal and frictionless bearing hinges that ensure smooth drum pedal action, this remote high-hat pedal stand delivers on its promises. Stable, double spine weighted pedal plates offer a sturdy, flat-footed kick, while the foot stop and adjustable floor spikes prevent slippage. This drum cymbal stand includes a drum key, as well as a lockable clutch with cymbal felts. Remote Hi-Hat Stand Specifications 4.5 ft long remote cableHeavy duty hi-hat pipe diameter: 28 mmGross Weight: 10 pounds Griffin Is a US Brand that is Owned & Proudly Operated in Tyler, TX USAGriffin is a small owned brand in Tyler, Texas, USA. Since 2011, the Griffin brand has been specializing in the development, design, and quality improvement of its snare drums, drum accessories, DJ speaker and DJ light stands, music studio equipment stands, and other musical and stage performance accessories. Whether youre just starting in search of DJ equipment for beginners or a professional looking for music recording equipment, Griffin has a product for you. We put that belief into practice every day by offering dependable products made with high quality, durable materials that will last a lifetime.We Have Passion! Griffin is 100% operated by Musicians & DJsWe feel strongly that a brand that specializes in music gear accessories should also be fully staffed by people who have a passion and love for the product. Griffin is fully operated by musicians and DJs. We have a complete understanding of all our products from portable stage platforms, audio racks, to adjustable keyboard stands, because we commonly use our pro-audio gear. As such, we understand you, the fellow musician, and are always here to help. Additionally, as a proud, USA brand, Griffin only authorizes sellers which are completely based in the USA.We Focus on Creating, Designing, and Developing Quality Products that Perform.We work closely with our outsourced design and development team to make sure our products perform as we intend to. We do this by first identifying the main goals of our new and prospective products and what features and problems it will resolve for the user. We then consult with our development team on possible designs that will meet the needs of the current market. When concluding with our product development team, we then decide if we should create a protype which will be unique in design and solve a need in with users. If the product makes the cut, then we create detailed instructions on the assembly and use of the product so you wont have any problems when your product arrives.Productive and Accurate Welding ProcessOur Factory has experienced technicians who work closely with us in order to get the best possible idea of how each component should be welded and fabricated on our products to ensure ideal fit and function for your application. The welders at the factory have fabrication capabilities for all types of our products and use materials such as aluminum, brass, stainless steel, structural steel and tubing.

 GET IT RISK-FREE: Being so sure about the top quality and excellent performance of our products, we are able to offer you a 1 year replacement warranty and a 30 day money back guarantee.   Fast & Free Shipping to the Lower 48 States*: Free shipping on all items shipped to the lower 48 USA States. Regardless of order amount or what items being purchased. (*product skus codes that end with ".b" might not include free shipping)   Dedicated Customer Service: Consult our customer service reps for help with an order, or product support. Est. since 1999, we maintain a 99% customer positive feedback.  Video Product Demonstration: Check out our product demonstration videos. See belowProduct Review and Demonstration - YouTubeVideo will open in a new windowProduct Review and Demonstration - YouTubeVideo will open in a new window                                               *images above are registered trademarks of the trade name & Ace Division Inc. * Please note: When you make a purchase or transaction with Ace Division or its subsidiaries (Geekstands), you are agreeing to all terms and conditions listed on the page links above, namely "Terms and conditions", "1 Year warranty", & "Shipping Info". If you have any questions about any of the stated content on the pages below, please contact us before making your purchase.

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